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White After Labor Day

I thought I’d share a few white after labor day looks as I think the fashion faux pas about wearing white after summer is silly. White creates such a clean look,  and remains a closet staple year round for me.  What are some other looks you like to transition from season to season? Leave a comment below!

Also, TGIF! Hope everyone had a great week! I’m gearing up for a super busy weekend.  Tonight Mike and I are having dinner with my family and tomorrow I’m starting another 6 month long Pilates certification course I’m really excited about. 🙂


SHIRTTart Trish Tank |DENIM: TopShop |PUMPS: Christian Louboutin So Kate’s  (similar here and here, but also love these extra comfy flats that I also own from DSW. They’re running a promo plus free shipping now!)|HANDBAG: A.L.C. White Hutton Leather shoulder bag (Reminds me of a Proenza Schouler look alike) |SUNGLASSES: Dior (really good replica here)



img_1061SHIRT: J. Crew (on sale!) |DENIM: TopShop |JACKET: J.Crew (on sale!) |PUMPS: Christian Louboutin So Kate’s  (similar here and here, but also love these Sam Edelman booties from DSW. They’re running a promo and free shipping now!)|HANDBAG: Chanel (similar Tory Burch here, and on sale!)|SUNGLASSES: Balmain (similar here and here)


SHIRT: DKNY (sold out, similar here) |DENIM: TopShop |PUMPS: Sam Edelman (sold out, similar here from DSW. Plus they’re running a promo and free shipping now!)|HANDBAG: Chanel (similar Tory Burch here, and on sale!)|SUNGLASSES: Dior (really good replica here)


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Just Drew S/S 2017

blonde brunette short hair multicultural diverse

The Just Drew presentation was the perfect kick-off NYFW. As expected, the new collection lives up to the brands chic minimalism appeal. Just Drew manages to keep a basic yet subtly sexy aesthetic, allowing the versatility for a night out as well as every day wear.

anya hindmarch anyahindmarch stella mccartney stellamccartney michele watch zara clubmonoco club monoco

babe love meandbae cute couples

Me and bae <3

show room fashion show nyfw 2016

Kyle Brian richkidsofbeverlyhills stylist rich kids rkobh

With Lead Stylist Kyle Brian, who aside from being wildly talented happens to be cool af also

The setting of the Just Drew NYFW presentation was best described as eye-candy, both literally, and figuratively. Upon entering, you are greeted by a lush green backdrop, opening to a room surrounded by actual cotton candy cherry-blossom trees. Guests viewed the collection while taking full advantage of the open bar and cotton candy machine. (That’s right, cotton candy) Now that’s my kind of fashion show!

cotton candy silk scarf hermes fashion industry

all white white decor cherry blossoms ss2017 chic minimalism good tasteEnjoying the cotton candy WAY too much…

andrew warren designer creative creativity

With the very talented designer, Andrew Warren

Designer Andrew Warren curated an alluring collection that gives off an effortless yet exquisite air. The clothes seemed to speak to me, and they said: We all belong in your closet, now!  The SS’17 collection offers iridescent bustiers, slinky slips paired with silk duster coats and structured blazers all in neutral shades with hints of metallic. There were a few floral pieces included that managed to pull off being pretty, without the cutesy feel which I appreciated. All in all, Just Drew establishes itself as a new brand to keep on your radar. I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

diversity mixed girls blackgirlmagic sexy

To Shop JustDrew and get 15% off: visit and use the CODE: Andrew15

Follow Just Drew on insta! @justdrewnyc
Lead Stylist: Kyle Brian @balenciaganeoprene
Hair: Dax Anderson @hairbydax
Makeup: Dana Arcidy @dnarcidy
Photographer: Selwyn Tungol @selwyn.ramos

Did you like Just Drew’s S/S 2017 collection? Any suggestions for next NYFW review? Comment down below!

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7 Things This Blog is NOT About

I have put a TON of thought into this blog. I’ve given thought to what I plan on writing about, the pictures I will post, but the main thing I thought about before launching my site was everything I wanted my blog not to be. Nowadays, it seems like everyone calls themselves a ‘blogger’. However, more bloggers does not necessarily mean more variety. I’ve found that there are so many clones out here and though it may work as far as getting you a following, whenever I see another chick talk about her “favorite skinny tea” my only thought is ‘Boringggg’. So I have put together a list of everything you will NOT find on my little slice of the internet…

1. Rainbows and butterflies.
This blog is not for the light hearted or easily offended. I’ve never been the type to sugar coat anything so if either of those descriptions applies to you this probably isn’t the place for you. You definitely don’t want me commenting on your look if you blatantly look like crap, and you certainly don’t want me telling you that your breath smells like complete utter shit if you’re not equipped for such statements. It’s just an attribute I self-identify with and one that my personal friends love me for…or hate me for. In my defense, after keeping it real, I’m always quick to help you pick out a flattering, bomb-ass outfit and/or offer you a stick of gum to mask your dragon breath.

gameofthrones got hbo dryshampoo dry shampoo joke honest honesty brutallyhonest

2. Filtered bullshit.
Having no filter with my wordage works in my favor majority of the time; other times it leaves me in a deep shit-hole where I have to dig myself out to recover. My regular speaking voice (which includes lots of expletives) was formulated at the ripe ole’ age of two and has stayed with me ever since. Now that I’m a grown functioning woman, this voice regularly translates into my writing. I just feel that sometimes you need to throw the f-word around to really drive your point home.

orbit curse pottymouth swear words funny honest real
(orbit really needs to bring this commercial back)

3. Ordinary things.
I’m not your ordinary (or so my mommy tells me, and probably yours too). And I’m not talking about not being basic. Because I have my basic bitch moments also (We all do). What I really mean is, these are some types of oddities which interest me and always will, and once in a while you’ll be probed to having to see me blabber about these things such as: Aliens and ghosts, they definitely do exist (no one is winning this argument that they don’t with me). I can literally feel when my chakras are off balance. I blame everything on Mercury being in retrograde, valid excuse right? And if I ever hit the lotto, I would absolutely build a dope post-apocalyptic crib like the people on National Geographic’s ‘Doomsday Preppers’. I’m going to try my bestest to stick mainly to fashion, fitness and travel, all for the sake of normality, but there’s really no other way to put it— you’re probably going to see and read some weird shit here every once in a while.

aliens ghosts paranormal spooky supernatural spirits halloween psychic spiritual stones

4. Health freak mumbo jumbo.
I am not one of those fitness girls who eats spinach for breakfast, lunch, dinner, I have desert when I want, and it’s not calorie counted. I don’t have the time to count the macros of everything I put into my mouth. I go through my phases of working out and eating right, but I also have my junk food days. And it’s OK. It’s important to have a healthy relationship with food and not feel guilty every time you eat anything made with enriched flour. I’m all about balance. Yea, going to sleep early and waking up early for the gym will give you some great abs, but the truth is, most of life’s memories are made during those drunk nights that you are up til 2am with friends eating buffalo chicken pizza covered in ranch dressing. (Yes, dump some ranch dressing on top of your slice next time, you’re welcome)

macros workout skinny healthy hiit carbs sugar sugarfree fruits vegetables

Let’s not tip toe around this. No one is REALLY interested in me, my life or my stories. Yes, I’ll talk about my experiences and things I like to do, because after all I’m talking out into the great world-wide web hoping that some people appreciate it. There’s also a part of me that thinks I’m sometimes funny and I tend to do fun stuff from time to time. But I will only share when it helps YOU, the reader in some shape or form. Whether it be in a healthier way, a happier way or just plainly in a way that inspires. Before finalizing a post I choose to share, I will first ask myself how that particular experience can add significance to anyone else’s being. Truly and ultimately, my main goal is to add some form of substance to someone’s mundane web crawl scroll, not waste anyone’s time.

selfie me popular likes blogger pretty follow

6. Perfection.
No one is perfect, and this blog is never going to be perfect either. Ever. Nor do I want it to be.

not perfect perfect perfection motivational inspire inspiring

7. Product pushing.
We’ve all seen a thousand “What I Wore” posts, “Must Have” pre-workout pills, “Favorites Roundups” and products you just “Can’t Live Without.” If I’m talking about it here, it’s because the product is actually amazing and I really use it in my real life, not because I’m getting 10% commission for posting it. Frankly, if the product is shit, then the time it takes to write the post isn’t worth it because it won’t be selling either way— right? Also I’m not interested in getting a bunch of useless products sent to me simply because it’s free. That is a waste of my personal space. The clutter in the apartment isn’t worth it. I don’t settle for what everyone else is doing so you won’t find me promoting any products/supplements that don’t actually work here.

lips kyliejenner skinnytea skinny

And so with that said! THANK YOU so much for reading my spiel. I hope I reeled you into keeping up with my adventure. What are some blogger posts that you are tired of seeing on the internet? What are some topics that you would like for me to highlight in future posts?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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