6 Podcasts That Will Enhance Your Life

These podcasts actually make my NYC subway commute bearable and dare I say, somewhat enjoyable even. I can honestly say they have enhanced my life in various ways, and hopefully they improve your life also:

  1. The GaryVee Audio Experience – A crazy successful, self made Jersey dude with an insane amount of hustle. He’s a brutally honest, super intelligent, potty-mouthed, marketing powerhouse full of useful tips and career advice. Gary’s mantra: Own who you are, and capitalize on it. I really admire his mindset, and also might have a slight crush on him.
  2. Eventual Millionaire – Imagine hanging out with a bunch of the smartest, coolest, wealthiest, most successful people all in one place. Our host Jamie Masters picks these people’s brains and shares tips and tricks to achieving financial success. Her range of very diverse guests provide little golden nuggets in every episode. Eventual Millionaire covers topics the other “Get Rich Now” podcasts do not, and is my go to when I need a dose of business inspo.
  3. Tara Brach – After listening to Tara I can’t help but feel as if I just returned from an incredibly relaxing yoga retreat in Bali, all enlightened and ready to give out free hugs to strangers. Tara is woke AF; yogi style, and shares stories of human struggle in a humorous yet hopeful way. I love her retreat discussions most, but also rely on her guided meditations to instantly bring me to a state of zen when in need. Her sense of compassion is so strong, I can literally feel my muscles relax while absorbing her words. Can’t say enough great things about her. Tara, you don’t know me, but thanks for keeping me sane and I love you girl. lol
  4. The Goal Digger Podcast – My holy grail for Marketing, Social Media, Creative Entrepreneurship, Small Business Strategy and Branding all in one. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, I get something useful out of every episode. Jenna is a self-made millennial who is wildly successful at what she does, and is also a great teacher. Even though she is a wedding photographer, her advice is applicable for any business you choose to pursue. What I love most about Jenna is how freely she shares her experiences and the way she fully embraces the “Community instead of competition” motto.
  5. 2 Dope Queens – Jessica and Phoebe are like the 2 besties you always wished you had. Some of their topics are a little out there (Prime example: Episode 38, I Shaved my Pubes for This?!)  I find myself actually LOL’ing at their shenanigans and the comedians they choose to feature are hilarious. Well worth the listen.
  6. Faithed Out – If I had a dollar for each time I’ve heard ‘God has a plan for you’ I would finally be able to afford that Birkin I’ve only had my eye on for like 10 years….lol…but seriously, the true meaning of the phrase never made sense to me until I began subscribing to this channel. Faithed Out is not a podcast exactly, but a YouTube channel, which is even better because our host Lo not only has a pretty voice, but she’s fun to look at as well (teach us all your make-up secrets, please!) To be honest, although I have always been a believer in God, I was still curious as to what God’s presence “felt like.” I was actually skeptical that it even existed, that is, until I finally experienced it for myself. The goal of Faithed Out is to inspire and encourage its listeners to use faith as a tool to battle every day struggles. Lo delivers God’s messages in a very honest, easy to understand, and relateable way that is both inspiring and heart opening. You can check out her first Youtube episode below:

For more Faithed Out on sound cloud, visit:

What are some of your favorite podcasts? Comment below!

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